miércoles, 29 de mayo de 2013

A whole new Issuu. Dive in.


Hi, Andrea Gonzalez


A whole new Issuu. Dive in.

Stacks is here

Immerse yourself in rich and relevant
publications from around the world

It’s deep. When you see the new Issuu, you’ll keep going down, down, down into a sea teeming with interesting, beautiful and sometimes surprising publications. The new look and feel of Issuu is designed to help you discover more great content about whatever it is that you fancy, be it beekeeping, fashion trends or lacrosse.

Stacks are here

As always you can follow your favorites, but now you can add them to your stacks. Think of this as the equivalent of building music playlists. You become the DJ. Build stacks around your interests. Build stacks that you want to share. Build stacks just because it’s fun. Swim around and find stacks built by others who share your interests.
Come connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. We are always on the lookout for interesting publications and we’d love to know what you’re reading or publishing at the moment.

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