viernes, 6 de febrero de 2015

Hi Andrea Gonzalez , here's your personal digest: yum. gluten free magazine, Competitor Magazine and many more.

Hi, Andrea Gonzalez


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yum. Gluten Free Magazine Feb 2015 cover

yum. Gluten Free Magazine Feb 2015

yum. gluten free magazine
The February "Kids" edition of yum. Gluten Free is jam packed with ...
Adbusters #117: Blueprint for a New World Part VI (Aesthetico) cover

Adbusters #117: Blueprint for a New World Part VI (Aesthetico)

IdN Magazine
Our Crisis Is A Crisis of Aesthetics — Finally, Aesthetico: the much-awaited ...
Competitor February 2015 Issue cover

Competitor February 2015 Issue

Competitor Magazine
Cross Country: The World's Hardest Race. Must Do Races for 2015. ...
Winkelen february 2015 cover

Winkelen february 2015

Winkelen Magazine
Discover the worlds of seven featured artists in our special ART section. We ...
Frrresh23 cover


Frrresh magazine
23rd issue of Frrresh, free online visual arts magazine <3
New Dutch Photography Talent 2015 cover

New Dutch Photography Talent 2015

New is a book, a catalogue, a style-guide, an annual featuring the best 100 ...
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